Monday, 31 October 2016

Organic Baby Blankets & Other Useful Baby Gifts

Organic baby blankets are making a real statement these days. Why? More and more parents are looking for high quality products for their babies that are not only safe for them, but also eco-friendly. Cheap baby blankets that you used to buy a dime a dozen just aren’t cutting it anymore. Moms and dads of today want quality and need to know where to get it.

Estella is one of those companies known for environmentally friendly products parents can count on. When it comes to finding a quality lovey blanket or organic baby blankets you know you can trust Estella. There is a variety to choose from like the organic whale lovey or baby toy security blanket.

This item just like the other baby blankets from Estella are made from 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton. In simple terms, it’s cotton that wasn’t made from toxic materials. Besides being good for the environment, the whale lovey blanket is also practical. It has an easy to grab padded tail so that baby can cuddle with it at any time. These blankets are unique and are perfect for baby gifts.

Cuddly and soft is the name of the game at Bonpoint with its cashmere blanket.
It’s made from 100% cashmere providing a layer of warmth and softness baby will love. The blanket is also on the larger side so you can wrap up baby tightly, especially if she is in the stroller for a long walk through the park.

Newborn baby blankets from Ketiketa are also great if you’re looking for a lovey blanket or just a regular baby blanket to keep baby warm.

This baby blanket in particular is made from 100% yak wool. It is four ply meaning baby is getting more than one layer of warmth. You don’t have to worry about this blanket being mass produced in a factory where there are harmful chemicals. Each blanket is hand-knitted for the extra personal touch.

If you’re still looking for useful baby gifts and don’t want to give organic baby blankets or a lovey blanket, there are alternatives. The Starling Gift Set from Stella McCartney Kids is a good choice especially if you’re still looking to go the eco-friendly route.

This set features a bird-printed body suit, all-in-one, and matching blanket. All of the garments are made from 100% cotton with yarn that is from organically grown cotton. It is part of the brand’s commitment to eco-friendly fashions. If you do choose this set you may want to buy one size larger since the clothes tend to run on the small side.

Shopping for baby gifts can be easy and fun when you know where to do. Whether it’s a baby rattles, organic baby blankets, a lovey blanket, or other useful baby gifts, keep Estella, Stella McCartney Kids, and Ketiketa in mind.

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