Thursday, 27 October 2016

Organic Baby Toys For The Earth Conscious Mother

If you go down the aisles of any baby store you’ll see shelves and shelves of baby toys. The choices are endless. But not all baby toys are made equally. As we all know not all baby toys are safe either. That’s why organic baby toys are becoming more and more popular, especially for the earth conscious mother. Eco-friendly baby toys are appealing because moms know they aren’t made with toxic materials.

Estella is known for its line of eco-friendly infant toys. When it comes to baby rattles, Estella has several unique options for the earth conscious mother. Take the organic owl rattle.

Handmade in Peru with 100% organic cotton, this rattle also makes a soothing sound for baby. Estella believes in using GOTS-certified organic cotton because it is not only safe for babies, but also safe for those making the products. When it comes to rattles for babies and organic baby toys, this pick from Estella has even been recognized with a Mom’s Choice Award and National Parenting Seal of Approval. Estella has a wide variety of rattles for babies that are all good for the environment and safe.

High-quality products can also be found at Bonpoint. The knitted bear is a simple, yet adorable toy any newborn can play with.

The plain merino wool bear is made from 100% cotton. There are no potentially toxic fillers or other materials used that go into making this bear. Baby can snuggle with it or play with it anywhere he goes.

Oeuf also has several organic baby toys to check out. The Bear Charcoal with Hazelnut Dots is a good choice. 

Although it doesn’t make noise like the rattles for babies, it is a cute and playful toy. Most importantly, it is eco-friendly. Woven from GOTS certified 100% organic pima cotton, it is safe for baby. The material is breathable and hypoallergenic and contains natural antibacterial properties.

Besides organic baby toys, many mothers also like toys that are soft for baby. Toys made from possible dangerous plastic can pose more of a danger. That’s why the Play Time ABC cubes from Caramel Baby & Child are a better choice.

They are especially soft so the chance of baby getting hurt while playing with them is slim. The set comes with three colorful cubes for baby. Just a note, colors are chosen at random so there is no guarantee you will get certain ones you may prefer.

When it comes to eco-friendly baby toys and baby gifts, many mothers look for organic baby toys for peace of mind. These days you can never be too safe. So, when you are shopping for an earth conscious mother, keep brands like Estella, Oeuf and Bonpoint in mind.

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