Monday, 19 December 2016

The Perfect Organic Baby Toys for the Holidays

The variety of baby toys out there can be overwhelming. Aisles and aisles at the toy store or the department store may have you forgetting what you came to buy in the first place. While those stores have a large quantity of products, are they high quality? Are they safe for babies? That’s a question that’s becoming more and more important for parents and partly why they are choosing organic baby toys more often. With organic baby toys parents don’t have to worry about what materials are used to make a toy because they are assured they are safe.
When parents are looking for safe organic baby toys they know Estella is their first stop. That’s because the company prides itself on making baby toys that are ecofriendly. Parents know Estella does not use toxic materials in toys that babies will be putting in their mouths. The organic giraffe rattle baby toy is a great choice because it is not only made from GOTS-certified organic cotton, but is also made with safe eco-friendly dyes.

Handmade in Peru, you can rest easy knowing this toy was not mass-produced in a factory. While parents will love this, babies will love grabbing on to the giraffe’s long neck and legs as well as the toy’s gentle rattling sound.

Environmentally safe products are also available at Oeuf. Here you’ll find playful and perfectly soft bears like the little white bear. 
This guy is made with GOTS certified 100% pima cotton. Pima cotton is a smart choice for baby gifts because it is breathable and hypoallergenic. It also boasts natural antibiotic properties. This bear comes in several colors making it perfect for a newborn baby boy or girl.

Non-plush organic baby toys are also a good choice this holiday season.
Caramel’s Oli & Carol Bunny is extremely popular because it’s made from 100% natural latex from Hevea trees with safe natural dyes. Many earth conscious parents are drawn to this item for that main reason. 
Bonpoint is also in the business of making safe baby toys as well as organic baby blankets. When it comes to baby toys, the knitted bear is a safe choice because of its simplicity. It is made from plain merino wool. Parents will like it because there are no accessories that can fall off and pose a hazard to baby. Babies will love the soft cuddly feel. It’s a win-win for the holiday season or any time of year.

Finding perfect organic baby toys this holiday season doesn’t have to be a chore. Head over to retailers like Estella, Oeuf, and Bonpoint when you’re looking for a safe gift that both parents and babies will fall in love with at first sight.

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