Thursday, 29 December 2016

The Most Memorable Newborn Baby Gifts

For many first-time moms, registering for baby shower gifts can be overwhelming. With so many items to choose from, it’s hard to sort out the useful newborn baby gifts from the ones that aren’t useful. Sifting through the aisles of baby items can also difficult for shoppers who want to pick out the perfect gift. While some items may be cute, they may also end up un-used in the back of the closet.

To avoid that from happening, head over to retailers like Estella. Here you’ll not only find useful newborn baby gifts, but also ones that are good for the environment. The organic owl baby gift set is a great example of a gift that combines usefulness, cuteness, and ecofriendly properties.

This set includes a onesie with an adorable owl on the front as well as a matching hat and rattle. Moms of newborns know you can never have too many onesies! Babies will love the softness and sound of the matching owl rattle. Both the onesie and hat are made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton with safe ecofriendly dyes. The rattle is handmade in Peru, like so many other Estella products. This set is a winner all-around. Add a lovey blanket to that baby rattle and baby will be all set for a nap or any car ride.

Other useful newborn baby gifts and baby toys can also be found at Stella McCartney Kids. Just like onesies, newborn moms can never have too many bibs. We all know babies are not the neatest eaters! The teddy bib set gives moms a bib designated for every day of the week.

Each bib features a different animal embroidered for each day. This item is also ecofriendly because it is made from yarn derived from organically grown cotton.

Items that keep baby’s feet warm also make useful newborn baby gifts. Bonpoint features organic alpaca slippers. These booties are soft and warm making them perfect for any newborn.

These organic alpaca garter stitch slippers are also good for the environment because of the materials used. This will score big points with any new mother.

New moms also love gifts that are easy to get on and off of baby. Changing a baby several times a day can become tedious. That’s why the convertible jumper from Oeuf makes such a great gift.

It easily goes from a jumper to a gown, making it a simple switch to from day to night-time clothing without completely changing the baby. The jumper is also made from 100% organic pima cotton. This means it is durable and hypoallergenic.

Finding useful newborn baby gifts can be easy when you head to retailers like Estella, Bonpoint, and Oeuf. Happy shopping!

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