Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Hot Organic Baby Blankets

Organic products are becoming increasingly popular. Baby items are not excluded from this growing demand. Organic baby blankets, toys, and clothing are becoming more of the rule rather than the exception. Why? Parents are realizing the importance of “going organic”. A growing number of retailers are on board that train too. This movement is bringing a surge of products that both parents and babies love.

You can’t talk about organic baby gifts and blankets without talking about Estella. This company is all about organic baby items. Whether it’s a lovey blanket or a wide selection of organic baby toys, Estella offers a variety like none other. The organic whale lovey is just one item from the extensive collection.

This original design is hand-knit in Peru using 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. The use of this material means it is ecofriendly and friendly for baby all-around. The easy-to-grab padded tail and whale design will instantly appeal to baby. This is the perfect lovey for bedtime and beyond.

Whether a baby blanket is used as a lovey or a swaddle, the organic factor is still key. Oeuf knows this to be true. That’s why 100% GOTS certified organic pima cotton is used to make its swaddle.

Pima cotton is pure and high-quality as well as being environmentally safe. Baby will love being wrapped up in softness. Parents will love the fact no harmful materials are cuddling up with their little bundle of joy.

Organic baby blankets can also be found in many gift sets like the one offered at Stella McCartney Kids.

The Starling Gift Set not only contains a baby blanket, but also a body suit to keep baby warm. The yarn of both items is made with organically grown cotton. This is part of the company’s commitment to producing eco-friendly items. Just a note… the bodysuit tends to run a bit small so you may want to buy one size up if you want room for baby to grow.
If you are looking for another fabric besides cotton, head over to Ketiketa. Here you’ll find a baby blanket made from 100% yak wool.

This natural product is another that is good for baby and the environment. Like the hand-made Estella products, this baby blanket is hand-knit. Warm and eco-friendly, this blanket is also a favorite.

Finding organic baby blankets isn’t as difficult as it used to be as more companies become aware of the benefits of eco-friendly products. Anytime y

ou’re looking for an organic baby blanket or any other type of baby product, head over to retailers like Estella, Ketiketa, and Oeuf where the environment is always a priority.

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